Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Museum of Sport and Tourism

The new, interactive exhibition entitled "Sport Museum. Faster, Higher, Stronger"  introduces visitors to the history of sport and tourism in Łódź, presents the most important events and persons, but also promotes physical activity and fair-play rules. Chronologically arranged narration presents the birth of sport in the nineteenth century Łódź, its development in the interwar period and successes after the Second World War. Particular attention was paid to the multinational and multiethnic character of Łódź sport in the period up to 1939 and the participation of residents of Łódź in the Olympic Games. The narration about the sport of Łódź shows this form of activity as an important part of social life, often with a meaning that goes beyond the sports arenas.

The exhibition recalls the profiles of prominent athletes of Łódź, focusing on the history of sports in the city: Akiba Rubinstein, Roman Kantor, Maria Kwaśniewska-Maleszewska, Jadwiga Wajs, Władysław Król, Jan Tomaszewski, Zbigniew Boniek and Artur Partyka.

Important elements of the exhibition are projection and interactive equipment, enabling visitors to get acquainted with recordings from important sports events, specificity of particular disciplines, as well as giving sport training opportunities. The exhibition is divided into four parts: the first refers to the interior of a chess cafe, the second concerns the participation of athletes from Łódź and the region in the Olympic Games. In the third part of the exhibition, a sports stadium with stands is presented, reminding  football and athletics events. The last part of the exhibition, dedicated to the tourism, tells about the greatest achievements of cycling and mountaineering expeditions.