Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

The Lodz Lapidarium of Details

For those who like to capture even the smallest details in the urban landscape, discovering architectural flavours and nuances, we invite you to the Lapidarium of Details at Kosciuszko Street 19 (Kościuszki 19). Sculptures, stucco, fragments of balustrades and staircases, decorative tiles, stove doors and vintage radiators are among the items on display. The architectural details gathered here come mainly from historical tenements, palaces, villas and factories in the Lodz area. Thanks to them, we can learn in a modern way about the history of urban planning and architecture in Lodz, as well as about the local community.

The exhibition is accompanied by multimedia presentations using a variety of archive materials - design drawings and photographs. Presentations and applications for children and adults tell the story of Lodz architects, construction companies, craftsmen, materials used and methods of fine detailing.

The Lodz Lapidarium of Details is a unique place that offers a journey into the world of history and mysteries of Lodz architecture. The nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century was a period when architectural details played a very important role in shaping the aesthetic face of the city, co-creating its image as a large and influential urban centre that achieved such an impressive industrial success. It is definitely worth finding out!