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Sauna ceremonies in FALA Aquapark


The beneficial effects of sauna have been known to mankind for centuries. All sauna enthusiasts are invited to the ceremonies held in FALA Aquapark every day in the afternoon. Infusions ceremonies are led by trained saunamasters, and participation in them is possible as part of a standard ticket for the Sauna Zone.

During the ceremony lasting several minutes, the sauna master pours hot stones with water with fragrance oils on several occasions - after each pouring, the steam generated is directed at the ceremony participants using a special technique of moving the towel or the fan. This provides the effect of intense heat impact and guarantees a unique visual experience. An additional attraction is the musical setting of the sense chosen each time for a ceremony.

Schedule of sauna ceremonies in FALA Aquapark

The Magic Zone of FALA Aquapark saunas consists of 9 different saunas - including Finnish saunas, steam saunas, infrared saunas, a sauna with music therapy and a salt sauna. An integral part of the sauna ritual is also the proper cooling after a visit to the sauna, which can be done e.g. in a snow cave or cold water pools. We also invite you to the tepidarium, where time flows much slower while relaxing on hot stone sunbeds!

Saunas of Aquaparku FALA

Sauna Zone Attractions of FALA Auapark

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