Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna


Eat me!

Lodz dishes are characterised by their simplicity of preparation and intriguing flavour combinations. This is largely due to the working-class character of the city. Lodz cuisine is symbolised by Zalewajka soup, associated with the poor peeople of Lodz. It was the simplest soup, consisting of boiled potatoes, sourdough and onions. In the richer versions, other ingredients were added: pork cracklings, sour cream, black pudding, mushrooms or cottage cheese. Zalewajka was a staple of the workers' diet - it was eaten at any time of the day. Today, thanks to the initiative of the Lodz Events Centre, it is a cult soup for Lodz residents and has even become part of the city's tourist offer.

Nowadays one can take a trip along the Zalewajka Lodz Trail and visit chosen restaurants and bars that serve Zalewajka on a daily basis (along with addresses, maps, photos, descriptions and prices). Restaurants offering both, traditional and modern versions of this legendary soup, have been given special door signs to make it easier to identify them.