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Lodz: Must see places, tourist attractions, museums, places to visit in Lodz

Although Lodz is not a first-choice destination in Poland, it is definitely a very unique and special place for those who are looking for something new. The post-industrial city offers many tourist attractions based on 19th century cotton industry heritage. Manufaktura and Piotrkowska Street are must-see places in the city. Other things worth seeing in Lodz are Ksiezy Mlyn, EC1 and of course Murals located all over the city. If you wonder what to see in Lodz, below you can find a full list of nice places, museums and other tourist attractions!


Łódź is a city that is constantly developing, trying to be as attractive as possible to tourists. Until recently, it was associated with smoky factories and industrial architecture, but now the attractions offered by Łódź have completely changed its image. Today it is a fashionable and vibrant place that delights with its unique atmosphere. Many people who come here for the first time ask themselves what to do in Łódź to get to know the specifics of this place. There are many proposals and everyone will certainly find attractions that will suit their interests.

Łódź: We inform you what is happening and tell you what is worth seeing

The Łódź Travel website was created primarily for people who are planning a stay in Łódź and would like to check what is happening in the city in order to spend their time in an interesting and effective way. We regularly publish information about upcoming outdoor events and important cultural events on our website, making it easier for tourists to plan a successful stay in the city. But that's not all... For lovers of architecture and interesting places, we have prepared a list of what is worth seeing in Łódź, so you won't miss anything. It is a city so diverse that attractions tailored to their expectations will be found here both for enthusiasts of events, fashionable restaurants and shops, as well as for lovers of active outdoor recreation and tourists for whom the most interesting monuments and cultural achievements are. If you still don't know what to see in Łódź, our website can serve as a virtual guide to places worth recommending.

Tourist attractions in Łódź

Łódź is rich in monuments and tourist attractions that delight travelers. For history lovers, we recommend visiting places such as Księży Młyn and the Survivors' Park with the Monument to Poles Saving Jews and "memory trees" planted by Jews who survived the Łódź ghetto. Contemporary art lovers who are still wondering what to see in Łódź apart from the murals that color the building facades are welcome to MS1 and MS2, branches of the Łódź Art Museum.

It is certainly worth starting your tour of the city with a walk along the famous Piotrkowska Street, which, as the longest promenade in Poland, attracts the attention of domestic and foreign tourists. This is the undisputed heart of the city, teeming with life regardless of the season. In addition to shops, bars, restaurants and music clubs that make Piotrkowska a perfect place for a weekend in Łódź, the street has a lot to offer for attentive tourists - just raise your head to see beautiful architectural details on tenement houses and city palaces. In turn, looking at your feet, you can see the unique Monument to the inhabitants of Łódź made of 17,000 paving stones with the names of the founders.

When planning tourist attractions, it is also worth preparing the route in detail and checking in advance what is happening in Łódź in our calendar of events.