Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Feature tour of Łódź

What’s your story? In addition to traditional walking tours with licensed guides, the Centre for Development Initiatives REGIO also offers narrative tours&workshops that are tailored to the needs and suggestions of individual clients. Participants of these immersive walks through the city of four cultures are treated to fascinating stories, historical costumes and musical, theatrical or culinary accents.

REGIO also enables visitors to visit places that are difficult to access, such as a synagogue, an Orthodox church or the Film School. On request - REGIO also develops special interactive scenarios with Lodz in the backdrop. Here are a few examples of events offered by REGIO on a regular basis: Tracing the multicultural Lodz - visiting the promised land of factories and palaces.

Discover HollyLodz - a tour in the footsteps of Oscar-winning filmmakers related to Lodz.

Everyday Street Life and Backyard Games - a trip back in time in the spirit of edutainment.

Home-made Lodz cuisine - a tasty culinary workshop with local specialities. Interested? Do not hesitate to contact us:

Tel: (+48) 693 400 228