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A night in the Bubble

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In Wzniesienia Łódzkie Landscape Park, away from the noise of the city, the only such place on the map of Poland - "w Bańce" ("in the Bubble") - was created. The object offers accommodation in luxurious, transparent tents in the shape of a bubble. Overnight under the cloud takes on a different meaning here. Only transparent materials of the bubble separate Guests from a thousand of stars.

"W Bańce" ("in the Bubble") was created as part of the increasingly popular trend of glamping*. The originator, Ronald Dobroszek, says: "W Bańce" is an unique opportunity to experience nature in comfortable conditions. Falling asleep on comfortable beds, you can watch the stars and admire the surrounding of nature. Wake up at sunrise in the morning, without leaving the tent."

W Bańce offers 2 tents:
• Bitcoin Bubble (partly transparent)
• Zen Bubble (completely transparent)

Each bubble has a private bathroom. In addition, all guests have at their disposal a jacuzzi, a hammock, the pond, the beach, barbecue and a wooden house in which there is an equipped kitchen.

* glamping - comes from the English words 'glamourous' and 'camping'

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