Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna


Sides of over 170 buildings in Lodz are adorned with murals which create the largest urban gallery in Poland. They are creations of known Polish (Proembrion, M-City, Etam, among others), as well as foreign street artists (Osgemeos, Eduardo Kobra, Inti, Aryz, Remed, among others). The murals have been emerging for years now as part of the Gallery of Urban Forms Festival, and before the International Graffiti Festival. The contemporary outdoor urban gallery is not only graffiti, but also all kinds of installations on the building walls, made of metals rods, car parts, mirror fragments, or even moss.

One of the first contemporary murals in Lodz was painted in 2011 by the artistic group from Lodz, Design Futura, at 152 Piotrkowska Street, and it made to the Guinness Book of Records and for a period of time it had been the largest graffiti in the world.