Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Łódź Fairyland

Generations of Poles grew up watching bedtime stories about Uszatek the Bear, Colargol the Bear, and the Magical Pencil. What do these cartoons have in common? They were all created in Lodz. For 70 years, Se-ma-for studio was the main producer of animated films in Poland, cartoons for children as well as movies for adults. Two productions even won Oscars! To learn how cartoons are made, see film decorations, and meet your favorite cartoon characters, go visit the Museum of Cinematography.

When visiting Lodz with children, it’s worth taking the tour of the fairytale Lodz. Around the city, visitors can find ten small statues representing cartoon characters which remind us about the merits of Lodz animation. In Piotrkowska, we can find the first statue on the fairytale trail, Uszatek the Bear. Near the Museum of Cinematography, we can see the cats Filemon and Bonifacy, in front of the entrance to the Palm House – Ćwirek The Sparrow, in the largest park in Lodz, Na Zdrowiu, right at the entrance to the zoo – two forest people, Maurycy and Hawranek, and at the entrance to the Aquapark Fala – Pik Pok the penguin. Keep on looking – there are more of them!

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