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Best restaurants in Lodz, cafe, bars, pubs. Lodz local cuisine, street food in Lodz

There are thousands of restauransts in Lodz with various types of cuisine. Restaurants in the city serve both traditional Polish dishes and food from around the world, including Italian, Spanish, American, Asian, Bulgarian and Jewish cuisine. In Lodz every gourmand will surely find something extra. The city is also full of bars and pubs. The best pubs in Lodz are located on Piotrkowska Street where you can also find many cafes and pastry shops. Tourists are usually most interested in restaurants with local Lodz cuisine, serving traditional Lodz dishes with a modern twist. For street food enthusiasts, Lodz offers numerous food trucks and street food festivals.

Where to eat in Lodz? The best places with good restaurants

The largest number of restaurants in Lodz can be found on the main street of the city. Restaurants on Piotrkowska Street are very popular among both locals and tourists. There are lots of different, local restaurants on Piotrkowska Street - various sizes, different cuisines from around the world, in a very diverse price range - in a word: something good for everyone. Another important cluster of restaurants is Manufaktura. Restaurants in Manufaktura are a good idea  for a lunch after sightseeing. In Manufaktura, you can also have a tasty dinner after successful shopping, visit in the cinema or nearby museums. The OFF Piotrkowska Center is also an important place on the gastro map of Lodz. Restaurants in the OFF Piotrkowska area are the perfect place for lunch or dinner in an authentic, post-industrial surrounding. Moreover OFF Piotrkowska offers restaurants in the very center of Lodz. A bit further south, in the courtyard at 217 Piotrkowska Street, there are a few restaurants in Piotrkowska 217 complex. There you can find two vegan restaurants, two pizzerias, a Japanese and Thai restaurant. One of the newest and most spectacular places in Lodz are restaurants in Monopolis that serve only the highest quality dishes made of the best ingredients. You can try there original Italian cuisine, or more broadly Mediterranean, European and of course Polish cuisine. The post-industrial scenery of the Monopolis complex is a nice addition to the meal.

Local cuisine in Lodz

Traditional Lodz cuisine is in fact a mix of four pre-war cuisines: Jewish, Russian, German and Polish. This is because these four nations jointly built Lodz during its industrial development in the 19th century. Moreover, the Polish aspect of dishes of Lodz is very diverse, drawing the best of all nearby culinary regions between which the Lodzkie Region is located, i.e. Greater Poland  (Wielkopolska), Mazovia (Mazowsze), Silesia (Śląsk) and Lesser Poland (Małopolska). You have to remember that typical dishes in pre-war Lodz were quite simple and "cheap", as it was mostly workers' cuisine, which is why nowadays restaurants serving traditional Lodz dishes enrich them with an original twists. Above you can find a list of the best restaurants serving Lodz local cuisine.

Lodz: Culinary Events

If you are a true fan of food and everything related to it, be sure to take part in culinary events that take place in Lodz every month. We especially recommend all kinds of gastro festivals, in particular the Good Taste Festival (Festiwal Dobrego Smaku), as well as all Food Truck rallies, Street Food Festivals, and other food festivals in Lodz. Information about all current events in Lodz can be found HERE. We also recommend taking part in one of the many culinary workshops at Book&Cook or Baccaro Studio. You can sign up for current, open workshops, or gather a group of friends or family and order a special, tailor-made culinary workshop!