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Brine baths in FALA Aquapark


Reducing nervous tension, cellulite reduction, alleviating muscle pain - these are just a few of the beneficial powers of brines that can be used in FALA Aquapark! Water park of Łódź encourages you to take advantage of two brine bath tubs using the properties of iodine-bromine salt and English salt (Epsom), as well as a brine pool with salt directly from Dead Sea.

Epsom salt, thanks to the high content of magnesium, helps to soothe the nerves and improve well-being after a hard day. Iodine-bromine salt, on the other hand, gives anti-allergic effects and supports the process of hardening the body, while bathing in a pool with salt from Dead Sea is ideal for fighting cellulite and regenerating the body after increased effort.

Both the pool and brine bath tubs are equipped with water and air attractions supporting relaxation in hot brines (the water temperature is maintained at approx. 36-38oC).

Brine pool with salt from Dead Sea

Brine bath in FALA Aquapark

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