Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Easy jumping on a trampoline

Take a friend, a sister and an neighbor with you and jump on. For an hour the entire park is at your disposal. You go mad, weary and have fun. You will strengthen your muscles, train coordination, and release endorphins. You will actively spend your free time with friends or family.

You jump, and the coaches watch over the safety and - if you want - they tell you how to jump better.


  • buy a ticket online or pay on site,
  • put on anti-slip socks,
  • at the full hour you enter the trampolines and after the obligatory warm-up you have time to jump.


SALTOS Srebrzyńska Trampoline Park
2/4 Srebrzyńska Street
91-074 Łódź
Tel. (+48) 789 186 992

SALTOS Wydawnicza Trampoline Park
5 Wydawnicza Street
92-333 Łódź
Tel. (+48) 796 357 750