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'To and fro' mobile app



‘To and fro.’ - 2 free walking routes around Łódź in the ‘Tropiciel’ mobile application in three language versions:  Polish, English and Ukrainian.

Join us on a multimedia journey around Łódź - the last undiscovered city in Poland!

We present 2 free walking routes in the ‘Tropiciel’ mobile application, available in three language versions : Polish, English and Ukrainian. A walk along one chosen route takes about 2 hours.
Every smartphone user can enjoy the free ‘Tropiciel’ application and the routes available in it.

‘To and fro’ is an amazing journey around the city of Łódź, with delightful tenement houses, beautifully decorated palaces and monumental factories on the way. You just need a phone! ;)

How it’s working?

1. Install the ‘Tropiciel’ app (more information about the application can be found here).
2. Create an account or log in via FB or Google.
3. Select ‘Add game’ from the menu and scan the QR code.

Come with us and start your Łódź adventure!

QR code for the route ‘Touch Bałuty district’:

QR code for the route  ‘Unicorn Stable’:

The project is carried out with the financial support from the City of Łódź budget.

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