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TOP 5 historical palace venues for special events in Łódź

Łódź Convention Bureau

Łódź is full of unique rebuilt factories and beautiful historical houses. The city center is also filled with richly ornamented city palaces and villas, which oryginally were homes for factory's... Read more

TOP 10 Post-industrial venues in Łódź

Robert Zintera / ŁOT

The fashion for post-industrial venues is still on. When it comes to general interest in unique venues, post-industrial buildings generally attract more than, for example, richly decorated palaces.... Read more

EC1 - Miasto Kultury, Hala Maszyn

Lodz Convention Bureau invites you to cooperate during your meeting in Poland

Jakub Rosły / ŁOT

Lodz is visited by more and more tourists. Most of them are business tourists coming to the capital of Lodzkie Voivodship for conferences, fairs or corporate events. The city is also becoming an... Read more

Miś Uszatek

Łódź for family with children

Aleksandra Lewandowska / ŁOT

Łódź is a great place for a trip with the whole family! A rich offer for children will satisfy all visitors who are looking for a diverse and unforgettable experience. Parks, science centres, museums... Read more

sumer tours


Aleksandra Lewandowska / ŁOT

Łódź Tourism Organization would like to invite everyone for the next edition of guided tours – 2021 Łódź Summer Tours with an English speaking guides. This offer is addressed to all those city... Read more

Imber Restaurant - pierogi dumplings with mutton - a dish typical of Łódź cuisine -  Imber Restaurant

Where you can try local cuisine in Łódź? We present TOP7 places in the city

Hubert Koper / ŁOT

Zalewajka, knedle, dumplings with strawberries, żulik bread, angielka bread, prażoki with cabbage - these are just some of the dishes and products typical for Łódź cuisine. Where can we try these and... Read more

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