Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Why Łódź?

Łódź is a city of contrasts which intrigues almost at every step. It is full of factories and, at the same time, it is very green; eclectic but also avant-garde. Łódź dazzles with the lavishness of factory owners’ palaces and astonishes with artistic installations.

Although the history of the city spans over six hundred years, the dynamic development of Łódź came a little less than 200 years ago. From a small town it was in the beginning of the 19th century, it quickly became the “promised land” giving dozens of thousands of families hope for a better tomorrow. Around the city, you can find numerous traces of the multicultural working class melting pot. Łódź was such a pot up to World War II. After the war, having become the cinematic capital of Poland, it opened another important chapter of its history. In 2017 Łódź was inducted into the UNESCO Creative Cities Network and named UNESCO City of Film. In 2019, it received the title of Best Value Destination from the well-known British travel guide publisher Lonely Planet. Meanwhile, in 2022, Łódź made it onto the National Geographic Best of the World list!

Today it is a creative city, a city of festivals, a city which is being discovered all over again. It is located in the very heart of Poland, at the crossing of two main highways – you could say that all the roads lead to… Łódź.

Come, stay over, get to know it and get a taste of it!