Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna


Mandoria City of Adventures - family amusement park stylised as Renaissance city.

Located on the premises of PTAK Fashion City in Rzgow, Mandoria is the first year-round amusement park in central Poland and the largest indoor theme park in Europe. Mandoria's designers were inspired by the Renaissance period, so visitors to this unusual place can travel back in time and enjoy a host of exciting attractions. Mandoria is a fabulous city of adventure where you will find family roller-coasters, classic carousels and floating boats. All the attractions here are styled according to the park's theme. Among the most popular are the Merkant Rollercoaster, Leonardo's Lighthouse, the Spinning Galleon, the Treasury with the labyrinth of mirrors, the double-decker Venetian Caravan and the Jewel chain carousel. The Renaissance can be fun!

For current opening hours and ticket prices visit: https://mandoria.com/