Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Łagiewniki Forest and the Lodz Heights Landscape Park

Łagiewnicki Forest is one of the largest city forests in Europe. Its area is of about 1200 ha and it’s what is left of the Lodz Forest which still existed in the city and surrounding areas 200 years ago. The most precious part of the forest is covered by nature reserve protection. The river Bzura begins its flow here and further on forms three quite large water bodies Arturówek (the biggest recreational and leisure base in Lodz with a kayaking and rowing harbor). Inside the forest there are two baroque wooden chapels, St. Roch and St. Sebastian chapel, and St. Anthony chapel – the oldest building of Lodz (75 Wycieczkowa Street). Inside the chapel there is a well with spring water which used to be considered as miraculous. On the outskirts of the forest, right on the city’s borders, there is also the baroque St. Anthony’s church, one of the oldest temples in Lodz, where organ concerts are held.

Łagiewnicki Forest is a part of the Park Krajobrazowy Wzniesień Łódzkich (Lodz Heights Landscape Park). Boasting hills, small river valleys, and forests with various tree species may attract active tourists (with hiking and bike trails prepared). Lodz Heights Landscape Park includes the highest points of the post-glacial heights interspersed with small valleys and ravines. A visit to this idyllic land is a wonderful option for the weekend.