Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

City parks

Lodz is a truly green city, it has around 40 parks. The oldest park established in 1840 is Źródliska Park. Couple of years ago, it was chosen as the most beautiful park in Poland in a contest organized by an American gardening company. In the park visitors may also find the Palm House with over 130-year-old trees! 

Another park worth visiting it the Na Zdrowiu Park. This huge park complex offers at least several ideas for a pleasant evening: a romantic sunset among the blooming magnolias of the Botanical Garden, vertiginous slide on the largest water slide in Poland at Aquapark Fala, or a meeting with a tiger at the ZOO.

At the Klepacza Park, you can sit in the shadow of a spreading monumental oak tree boasting the name truly appropriate for Lodz – Fabrykant (from Polish, Factory Owner). Julianowski Park delights with the beauty of a picturesque valley of the Sokołówka River, and one of the oldest trees in Lodz, oak name Kosynier (from Polish, peasant recruit with a scythe). Poniatowski Park gives visitors an opportunity to try their luck on a bicycle track, whereas the 1 Maja Park offers water bike rides on the famous Stefański Ponds.

The green area of Lodz gained the recognition of the Bureau of International Expositions and thanks to this, it will the organizer of the 2024 Horticultural Expo. The main motif of the Lodz-organized exhibition will be the development of green areas in the cities. Even the most forgotten green spaces will get the chance of being revitalized, reconstructed, and renovated. Pocket parks, theme gardens, or educational trails will be located wherever possible. In the result of the expo, the Central City Park will be created and it will stretch along the areas which are currently the 3 Maja Park, Baden – Powell Park, and the greenstone at the Central Clinical Hospital of the Medical University of Lodz.