Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Łódź Horse Trail

Marked on almost 2500 km, the Lodz Horse Trail is formed by two loops, the small one and the big one, and the connecting trails between them. It’s the longest trail in Europe intended for the fans of horse-riding. The trail has been created using other existing trails to meet the needs of fans of other disciplines, such as cycling, walking or water sports. The route of the Trail gives access to over 200 horse-riding centers and over 100 tourist attractions in the entire voivodship. Thanks to this, the trip in the saddle allows the riders to appreciate the natural, cultural, and historical heritage of the region.

Tourist Information and Monitoring Point is a place where tourists can plan their horseback journey. There are over 30 such points in the region, equipped with a Wi-Fi access, IT and navigation devices, and office equipment which tourists can use.

Lodz Horse Trail Management Center is located in the heart of the Łagiewnicki Forest, at 86 Wycieczkowa Street in Lodz (tel. 42 657 11 16, 42 657 12 03 wsiodle@lodzkie.pl).