Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Łódź City Culture Park

Łódź City Culture Park takes the visitors for an unusual travel through time. There are eight historic buildings in the area, typical of Łódź in the 19th and early 20th centuries. A stately summer holiday villa, a wooden church, four craftsmen's houses, a two-storey house and a tram stop building are located along two cobbled streets. The buildings have been relocated from various locations in and around Łódź. They were chosen represent the old wooden architecture of the city in the best and fullest way. Carefully renovated and partly reconstructed buildings form an extraordinary space, great for family walks.

Our permanent exhibition Microhistories. Łódź and its People tells the story of multicultural textile Łódź from the perspective of its residents’ everyday life. Its heroes’ fates are presented over the 19th and 20th century against the background of historical and social events. These microhistories were inspired by family memories, diaries and interviews being the record of oral history by the eldest Łódź residents. The multi-narrative tale begins in 1895 with the story of Florentyna Bennich, the mother of a well-known local factory owner, and ends in 1985 with the story of Halina Klima, a retired Russian teacher. Visiting the exhibition, you will learn about the Olszyckis working at Poznański’s factory, see how the everyday life of the large Jewish family of Chaja and Abram Piernik looked like, peer into the tailor’s workshop of Mr Liberski and the flat of militiaman Kondraciuk in the times of the Polish People's Republic.

Various human fates, ups and downs, joys and hardships of everyday life. The narrative is cemented by a common thread - the picture of textile Łódź, the transformation of a dynamically evolving city that determined the lives of its residents. In addition to reconstructed residential interiors and craftsman’s workshops from a given period, the exhibition offers context rooms that refer the presented microhistories to broader realities of living in Łódź.

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