Film Museum

The Film Museum is being renovated until the end of 2020. At the time, the museum is not available for sightseeing. The Kinematograf Cinema works without any changes.

Film Museum in Lodz is the only such museum in Poland. It was created in 1976. At that time, it was the Department of Film and Theatre Culture at the Museum of the City of Lodz, while in 1984 it was separated as its division. After ten years of existence, the Museum moved to the new (current) premises in the former K. Scheibler’s palace at 1 Victory Square.

It was not by chance that such museum was created in Lodz. Thanks to the excellent and only Polish film school, Lodz has been the center of film production since the beginnings of the development of cinematography.

Apart from the organization of exhibitions or meetings, the Museum has outstanding collections. It possesses a considerable collection of over 50 000 exhibits, which is constantly growing thanks to purchases, donations, gifts, and deposits. The exhibits are collected in four principal departments: history of cinema, film technique, poster, and stage design.

The Museum helps visitors get familiar with old film equipment, documents of films life, material objects related to the creation and functioning of the art of feature films, documentaries, educational, animated and avant-garde films, videos and television, film programs, posters, stage design, photos, and memorabilia related to cinema personalities.

At the Museum, visitors can see, among other things, the process of creation of such cinematic masterpieces as Jerzy Hoffman’s “With Fire and Sword” and “The Old Tale – When the Sun Was God”, Andrzej Wajda’s “Pan Tadeusz” and “Revenge” or Jerzy Kawalerowicz’s “Quo Vadis”.

The Museum also has its own film archive and organizes the Media Festival “Man in Danger” focused on the contemporary Polish socially-themed documentaries. Another interesting element for the visitors is the unique Kaiserpanorama.