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Herbst Palace Museum

The pearl of the palaces of Lodz, impressive interiors of a mansion that reflect the life of a wealthy family of factory owners, and currently the branch of Museum of Art in Lodz – this is how Herbst Palace Museum could be described in a nutshell.

The mansion was built in 1876 for the daughter of the most prominent entrepreneur in Lodz, Karol Scheibler, Matylda and her husband Edward Herbst who became the director of the Scheibler’s textile factory after his father-in-law’s death. The project was designed by the city architect, Hilary Majewski, who gave it its unique form of a neo renaissance mansion. Esthetic values of the mansion are largely brought out by the surrounding garden which gives the entire design the look of a countryside estate. The owners have built stables in the direct vicinity of the house.

The palace was thoroughly renovated in the years 2011 – 2013. This is when it was given back the look of a factory owners’ house from the time when Matylda and Edward Herbst lived in it. The revitalization included not only the interiors and palace elevations, but also the former stables and coach house which were adapted for storing and displaying works of art.



Opening hours

Tuesday - Sunday: 11.00-17.00

Monday: closed.


Ticket prices:

On Thursdays entrance is free.

* Starting 18 November 2017 until 3 June 2018 the entrance tickets for the temporary exhibition “Dream House” at the Herbst Palace Museum shall have the following prices:

  • Normal ticket – PLN 15 (PLN 10 entrance + PLN 5 audio guide)
  • Discount ticket – PLN 10 (PLN 5 entrance + PLN 5 audio guide)
  • Children and youth up to the age of 16 (including school groups) – PLN 1 (PLN 1 for entrance). Children will take advantage of other activities accompanying the exhibition without the audio guide.  
  • Youth 16 - 26– individually – PLN 6 (PLN 1 entrance + PLN 5 audio guide).

Audio guides are available in Polish, English, German, and Russian.

Individual tickets for one exhibition:

The ticket is valid for one of the three spaces (exhibitions) at the Herbst Palace Museum (currently exhibition “Dream House”), Ancient Art Gallery, or the temporary exhibition “The Herbsts. Unfinished Stories”.

Ancient Art Gallery:

  • Normal ticket – PLN 10
  • Discount ticket – PLN 5
  • Family ticket* – PLN 5
  • Ticket for children and youth up to the age of 16 – PLN 1
  • Ticket for youth between 16 and 26– PLN 1

The Herbsts. Unfinished Stories:

  • Normal ticket  – PLN 5
  • Discount ticket  – PLN 2
  • Family ticket * – PLN 2
  • Ticket for children and youth up to the age of 16 – PLN 1
  • Ticket for youth between 16 and 26– PLN 1

Garden entrance – PLN 2

Pass for exhibitions in all the three divisions of the Museum of Art: Museum of Art1, Museum of Art2, Herbst Palace Museum (valid on the day of purchase):

  • Normal ticket  – PLN 30
  • Discount ticket  – PLN 20
  • Family ticket * – PLN 20
  • Ticket for children and youth up to the age of 16 – PLN 1
  • Ticket for youth between 16 and 26– PLN 1  

Side events (including educational events):

Individual ticket – PLN 10 

Group ticket (5 people and more) – PLN 6