Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Doll Museum

The newest object on the museum map of Lodz was created thanks to the initiative of Julita Pierzchala, who has been running the Jupienter workshop in Lodz for 10 years, and Elzbieta Hibner, president of the #KsiezyMlyn Association.

As Julita points out, the dolls are more than just a piece of plastic with artificial hair. Thanks to them, it is possible to see, for example, how fashion has changed over the centuries and decades.

The dolls also show children that there is no single, defined ideal of beauty. There are already several dozen dolls in the museum, donated by the people of Lodz in response to a call from the museum's founders. The dolls that end up here are usually made of yarn, plastic, porcelain and felt. Many of them have their own stories - such as the Miller ‘motanka’, which protects artists and workers at Ksiezy Mlyn. The initiators believe that the Doll Museum will be one of the places where different generations will find a common language. As well as organising doll exhibitions, the museum also offers doll-making workshops, which can be arranged for individuals or groups.

Admission to the museum is free.