Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

The Grand Theatre

The Grand Theater in Lodz is the second largest opera house in the country and one of the biggest in Europe. Its traditions reach as far back as the heyday of the industrial city; however, it took its present form in the late 1960’s. Many outstanding artists performed on the stage of the theater with their recitals, for example, Nicolai Gedda, Andrea Bocelli, Barbara Hendrix, José Cura, or Placido Domingo. Apart from staging operas and operettas, the theater’s premises are also used for the organization of festivals and other cultural events.

The building of the Grand Theater is one of the few buildings in Lodz built in the real socialist style. Its shape, designed by architects Józef and Witold Korski, and Roman Szymborski, dominates the surrounding space and has become a characteristic point on the map of the city of Lodz. Modern stage equipped with a number of trapdoors and devices used in stage design is 26 meters wide and almost 40 meters deep. The auditorium seats 1074 people.