Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Art Factory

Art Factory is the space intended for various areas of cultural works, from theater and film, through music and dance, to audiovisual arts. Located in the post-industrial former empire of Karol Scheibler, it is a common project of the City of Lodz, Łódź Art Center Foundation, and Chorea Theater Association.

The activities of the Art Factory focus on cultural and artistic education, theater, visual arts, and music. The Factory runs cyclical educational and artistic projects. It organizes lectures and meetings with artists and leading experts in the area of culture and art, seminars, workshops, plays, concerts, exhibitions, and projects. The Art Factory implements international projects organized in collaboration with the members of Trans Europe Halles, a network associating European cultural centers, and Culture Action Europe. It also co-organizes artistic events prepared by Łódź Art Center (Fotofestiwal, Łódź Design Festival) and Chorea Theater Association (theater festival Retroperspektywy).

One the most significant aspects of the institution’s activities is the professionalization of the cultural and creative sector within the scope of Art_Inkubator. It’s a place where creativity meets entrepreneurship. Through this project, Art Factory, as an institution functioning in business surroundings, supports creative people in their market activities and, as a cultural institution – performs activities aimed at the promotion of art and staff professionalization.