Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Art Galleries

Lodz is the city of modern art. Władysław Strzemiński, Katarzyna Kobro, Hirszenberg brothers, Andrzej Gieraga, Karol Hiller are only a few names of the artists connected with Lodz. Among works exhibited at the galleries of art in Lodz, we will find world of the avant-garde, constructivist, or Art Nouveau artists.

Among the galleries in Lodz, the four-section Town Art Gallery is the one that certainly deserves special attention. Willa Gallery is located in the most beautiful Art Nouveau tenement house that once belonged to Leopold Kindermann. The building was designed by the Lodz-based architect, Gustaw Landau-Gutenberg, and it boasts an asymmetric richly decorated Art Nouveau building elevation. Among the plant motifs of its decoration, we may discern chestnut leaves, rose, or poppy flowers. The interiors delight their visitors with original stained glass windows or a tower-shaped staircase. A surprising fact is that every window of the building is different! The charm of Kindermann’s mansion was the reason it was entered to the world list of Iconic Houses, which includes the most impressive buildings of contemporary architecture.

Lodz also has several galleries managed by the Academy of Art and private galleries of painting and photography, as well as artistic workshops. You can find some of them in the space of Księży Młyn (Priest's Mill), where galleries ale located in former factory workers' houses. The building of the former school now houses the Academic Centre of Design run by the Academy of Art.