Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Lodz Philharmonic

Lodz Philharmonic is most often the stage for the concerts of the Lodz Philharmonic Orchestra. Groups from other Polish cities and from abroad are also invited, among them being Deutsche Symphony Orchester Berlin, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, The Orchestra of the XVIII Century, Concerto Italiano, and others.

Apart from symphonic concerts, the institution offers music lovers piano recitals, concerts of early music, and since recently also organ concerts. Children may participate in special music workshops conducted using the Carl Orff method “The Discoverers of Music” and, inspired by the method of E. E. Gordon, workshops for babies and toddlers below the age of three, “Baby Boom Bum”. Every year during summer vacation, the Touring Festival of the Lodz Philharmonic “The Colors of Poland” is organized, which aims at linking the artistic aspect with that of local tourism. A real treat for the opera lovers are regular broadcasts from the New York’s Metropolitan Opera, which the Lodz Philharmonic introduced as the first institution in the country. Lodz Philharmonic is also the first place in the world where two sets of organ, baroque and romantic, have been put together on one stage.

In 1984 the Lodz Philharmonic was given the name of Artur Rubinstein, a brilliant pianist and virtuoso born in Lodz, who performed together with the Lodz Philharmonic orchestra on numerous occasions and played one of his last concerts on this stage.

The current building of the Artur Rubinstein Lodz Philharmonic was designed by the Cracow-based designer, Romuald Loegler, and when built it was the most modern buildings of this type in Poland. Put in use in 2004, made of concrete, wood, glass, and stone, with a total area of over 4 thousand m2, the building has two concert halls which can seat over 750 spectators.