Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Visiting Łódź for the disabled

Łódź is constantly being modernized and thus, year by year, there are less and less architectural barriers which enables comfortable sightseeing of the city for people with disabilities. Most of Łódź hotels offers rooms adapted to the needs of disabled people. Recently opened Łódź Fabryczna station takes into account the needs of the blind, visually impaired and people with reduced mobility. It provides elevators with letterings in Braille, ramps, paths and warning stripes placed in the vicinity of stairs, elevators and at the edges of platforms, as well as guide lines to maintain the proper direction of movement and anti-slip floors. There is also a cashier’s desk and a toilet adapted for people with limited mobility needs at the station. At the Łódź Kaliska station you can be assisted in moving around the station if you reported your request earlier by calling at +48 22 474 13 13 or sending a message to pomocprm@pkp.pl.

There are low-deck buses and trams available for people with reduced mobility. They are also equipped with a sound system to announce the bus or tram stop name.

Museums in Łódź (the Central Museum of Textiles and MS1) are adapted to the needs of people with reduced mobility as well. The Museum of the City of Łódź comprehensively adjusted the educational offer for the needs of people with different disorders. There are museum guides available in transparent print or with pictograms for people with autism, typhlographics, educational films about Łódź with subtitles, transcriptions and a sign language interpreter, as well as gloves, so that during the visit you can touch selected exhibits.  All adjustments are described in detail here. The Herbst Palace Museum provides an offer for blind and visually impaired people as well. Thanks to special transmitters and audio guides you can visit the exhibition on your own and take a stroll through the palace garden. Detailed information on the system is available here.