Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Public transport

You can travel around the city using numerous means of transport such as taxi, rickshaw, city bike or public transport which includes trams and buses (also night lines). Detailed information on the MPK communication timetables and current ticket prices are available here. Time tickets are valid in Łódź (up to 20, 40 and 60 minutes); there are also one-day and short-term tickets, such as the weekend or 5-day ones. You can buy them at stalls, ticket machines located at bus stops in the city centre, at railway stations, as well as on buses and trams. In most of them you can pay with coins and/or a payment card, however some of them accept card payment only.

When you travel around by taxi, it is the safest to use the services of those taxi companies, which have clearly defined rules for calculating the travel cost. So instead of getting into a taxi waiting at a taxi stop, we recommend ordering one by phone or via a dedicated mobile application.

Some phone numbers to taxi companies:

  • Bobas Taxi +48 780 007 100 (children car safety seats available)
  • Green Cab Taxi + 48 42 666 44 44
  • Rydwany Miasta +48 512 50 40 30
  • Mer. C Radio Taxi +48 42 650 50 50, +48 800 650 50 50
  • Nova Taxi +48 800 111 111, +48 42 111 111
  • Radio Taxi 919 +48 42 19191
  • Taxi Plus +48 800 500 500
  • TeleTaxi +48 800 400 400

Rickshaws appeared on the Piotrkowska street in 1998. It may be convenient mean of transport or even an attraction for tourist to have a ride (it may ride only on pedestrian zone of Piotrkowska). They are available all year long. A single ride costs PLN 5 per person.

A city bike system complements the public transport in Łódź. It’s available 24/7, from March to November. Currently, the Łódź City Bike network consists of 157 stations and 1584 bicycles. To be able to use city bikes you have to register earlier on this page or via Freebike –– a free mobile application –– and pay the initial fee of PLN 20. The first 20 minutes are free. If you use the bicycle for 60 minutes you pay PLN 1.