Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Reicher Synagogue and the Jewish Religious Community

Reicher family synagogue is the only Lodz synagogue that has survived the war. It is located in the second backyard of the tenement house at 28 Rewolucji 1905 r. street. It made it through the war thanks to the cunningness of the owner, Wolf Reicher, who made a false contract of sale of the building to his German business partner. It survived the times of occupation as a salt warehouse.

The synagogue was established at the turn of the 19th and 20th century in a small brick building designed by the known architect from Lodz Gustaw Landau-Gutenteger. The interior boasts restored stuccoes, paintings and polychromes referring to the traditional Jewish synagogue style. Currently the building of the synagogue is managed by the Jewish Religious Community.

Jewish Religious Community was created with the purpose of taking care of Judaist inhabitants and visitors. The Community manages two existing synagogues (18 Pomorska Street and 28 Rewolucji 1905 r. Street), New Jewish Cemetery, Jewish Information Office, House of Education, and Office of the Rabbi of Lodz, Dawid Szychowski. Currently the Reicher family synagogue is not avaiblable for visitors. Regular religious service is being conducted in the synagogue at 18, Pomorska Street.