Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Łagiewniki – chapels and sanctuary

The first of the wooden chapels dedicated to St Anthony was built in 1676. Inside the chapel there are historic polychromes and an altar, as well as a spring of water, known not only for its excellent taste, but also for its miraculous healing properties. In 1681, the papal nuncio Pallavicini recognised Lagiewniki as a sanctuary. It was then decided to build a larger wooden church and monastery, and the small chapel was moved to the nearby forest.

Today the chapel is located about 1 km from its original site, in a place called Pustelnia. It is the oldest of the six chapels and one of only two that have survived. The church and monastery have been preserved in their original form and decoration. The interior of the church is remarkable for its Baroque altars, pulpit, rich organ prospectus and the chapel of Blessed Rafał Chylinski, to name a few. Numerous examples of oil paintings, epitaphs and memorial plaques are also worth seeing. St Anthony's is the oldest surviving church within the present administrative boundaries of Lodz.