Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Mariavite Church

Łódź, as the city with a multinational and multi-religious tradition, is also the city with various communities originated from Christianity. One of the most important is Mariavitism (the Old Catholic Mariavite Church).

Mariavite Church of st. Francis of Assisi is one of the oldest and most characteristic buildings in Bałuty. It was built in 1906 in the neo-Gothic style. Later, a soaring tower was added. It is currently the only functioning Mariavite church in Łódź.

The history of the parish is also related to educational and cultural activities. Besides the nursery, kindergarten and primary school, the parish was having a bakery, quilt workshop, a soda water factory and a printing house. Nowadays, the parish also participates in the city life. The existing orchestra takes part, apart from religious ceremonies, also in social events. The parish also manages the cemetery at 151 Wojska Polskiego Street (Doły Cemetery, Mariavite part)

Mariavite Church of st. Francis of Assisi
27 Franciszkańska Street