St. Alexander Nevski Orthodox Church

St. Alexander Nevski Orthodox Church was created thanks to the initiative of Lodz factory owners at the end of the 19th century. In the result of to this initiative, the small Orthodox community living in Lodz received a small, but architecturally exquisite, temple. The church was erected in the vicinity of the Fabryczna Railway Station and it gave life to this part of the city with its vividly colored elevation.

The temple is built in the shape of an octagon in the impressive Russian-Byzantine style. It boasts a very richly decorated elevation, adorned with stuccoes and   polychromes and crowned with a cupola and a small tower with 5 golden onion domes. Inside we can find an iconostasis carved in oak donated by Izrael Poznański.

Currently, the St. Alexander Nevski Orthodox church is a cathedral of the Lodz-Poznań dioceses of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church.



The services are held every Sunday at 10:00.

Visiting for organized groups after previous personal or phone reservation at the office. For individual persons, visiting is only possible before and during services.