Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Sports Bay

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Sports Bay of the Lodz University of Technology is a sports complex divided into two parts: the swimming pool and so-called dry zone.

The swimming pool’s part main part is the only 50-meter indoor swimming pool in Lodz. Here visitors can find the best conditions to do water sports: swimming, water polo, and triathlon. The Olympic size swimming pool consists of 10 lanes, and the entire pool is 2.5-meter deep. Next to it there is 25-meter pool whose biggest advantage is the regulated bottom. Depending on the needs, it can be set from 0 up to 5 meters. This is where swimming classes, aqua fitness, and diving lessons take place.

Apart from the pool zone, Sports Bay has also a zone for indoor sports. At its center it has a multifunctional sports hall with the tribune for 600 people, which is also used for non-sporting events. It is equipped with a modern sound and multimedia system, which makes it possible to organize concerts, conferences, and shows there. Also, there are rooms for martial arts and fitness. Next to it, there is a large 500 m2 gym and two squash courts.

These two zones are separated by climbing walls. Climbing, bouldering, and lead climbing can be done here. Lead climbing wall offers approximately 60 belay stances, which allows for placing over 200 climbing ropes.