Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

City Golf Łódź

The facility offers access to four greens with a total area of over 430 square meters, including the largest one of 300 square meters and smaller ones of approximately 100, 80, and 50 square meters, equipped with the Puttview system. These greens are surrounded by various types of grass, diverse terrain, bunkers, and artificial trees, providing realistic playing conditions.

Additionally, City Golf Łódź offers five Trackman simulators, which provide precise analyses and measurements of shots, crucial for the development of golf skills. Two of them are located in exclusive VIP areas, equipped with larger screens for an even better gaming experience. The facility also has private rooms available for organizing various types of meetings, both formal and informal. It's a place created with the needs of golfers in mind, who are looking for excellent conditions for training and relaxation among other enthusiasts of the discipline.