Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Atlas Arena

Event and sports venue, Atlas Arena is one of the biggest facilities of its kind in Poland. It opened its doors in June 2009 and it offers comprehensive service for the organizers of both sports events and performances.

Atlas Arena can be a venue of various kinds of sports events, such as basketball, indoor football, martial arts, volleyball, handball, and many others.

The facility boasts modern infrastructure that meets the requirements of international sports federations and organizations. The way the main level is formed and the manner of its construction allow for a skating rink or even a swimming pool to be placed on it.

The functionality of the facility allows to separate communication zones for artists, athletes, services, VIP guests, and spectators from each other. We also have our own stage of modular design and the used acoustic elements of various sound parameters make it possible to achieve even sound absorption, frequency function and reverberation time of less than 2 seconds.