Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Folk Inspirations

The idea of the festival is to inspire young people to be creative in contemporary art in various artistic areas, based on cultural traditions of nations and ethnic groups. An important program element is promoting the multicultural and culturally diverse Lodz region and various cultures of the world among the young people of Lodz. Folk Inspirations are an innovative educational and cultural event due to the used formats, various places of events, and international youth projects carried out during the festival.   

International Festival of Young Artists “Folk Inspirations” is not an ordinary folk festival. It has its own style and unique atmosphere created by the energy of young people. It’s a festival created by young people fascinated with the culture and traditions of different nations and ethnic groups of the world.

Folk Inspirations present traditional folk dancing and singing, but the festival also makes room for contemporary, folk-inspired song and dance. It features such shows as: designers’ installations, handcraft experiments, intercultural dance forms performed by international groups of young artists, music combining traditional and modern sound, and traditional songs in new arrangements. What makes the festival exceptional are innovative educational activities focused on intercultural themes and topics related to national heritage. For children and school youth, the festival offers “Folk Educational Path” developed on the basis of innovative working methods: flash mob, quests, outdoor games, urban games, and activities conducted in Lodz museums.

The festival takes place in June each year.