Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Festival OFF-Północna

Festival Off-Północna is the first overview of small theater and musical forms in Lodz. In a widely-understood non-commercial repertoire, theaters and theater groups from entire Poland take the stage of Teatr Muzyczny. The festival performances area accompanied by workshops and lectures which familiarize the audience with the aspects related to musical theater and so-called off-side theater. This year’s second edition will feature a stage song contest. The concept of the festival was born after two years of operation of a program for young artists under the same name, where the Musical Theater of Lodz promoted non-commercial and low-budget plays, and organized concerts of young beginning artists. One of the program points of the festival is the premiere of the play developed by young artists linked to Teatr Muzyczny of Lodz.

The festival takes place at the turn of February and March each year.