Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Camera Action Festival

Film Critics Festival “Camera Action” is an innovative film event directed to all the cinema fans and it’s the only event in Europe dedicated to film critics. Organized since 2010, the festival fosters the development of film criticism, educates and teaches the critical approach to film art.

The festival presents controversial films which get engraved in the memory of the viewers. The organizers make an effort to maintain the memory of Polish achievements in the area of cinematography and, primarily, film criticism. They bring back to light outstanding figures, such as Bolesław Lewicki or Bolesław Michałek. For 6 years now, Film Critics Festival “Camera Action” has maintained a close collaboration with academic circles in entire Poland. It places a strong emphasis on the educational nature of the event and it is highly appreciated by film circles as a highest-level event as far as content matter, organization, and educational aspects. The program includes film overviews, discussion panels, contests, and workshops.