Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Anniversary of ending the Fiat 126p production

Fiat 126p – the car that revolutionized car market in Poland. It was being produced in our country for 27 years. A small city car, cutely nicknamed Maluch (literally, small – one), was a descent companion for Poles in their daily life, being the dream came true of having their own car, for the others – a disliked substitute of bigger vehicle. On  September 22, 2000 the last, yellow coloured, Fiat 126p of “Happy end” series, left the factory in Tychy. 10 years later, Paweł Kawiński, a vivid fan of Maluch, decided to commemorate the anniversary of ending the Fiat126p production by organizing the jamboree of the cars in Manufaktura, in Łódź.

This has become an annual event that takes place in weekends around September 22 and ends the car season for all the Fiat126p owners. The program of the event is quite simple and should satisfy every fan of Maluch.

Starting early in the morning, when all the cars arrive for sport contest at Motordrome to enter Main Square at Manufaktura in the afternoon. There the main show takes place.

The third part of meeting is evening parade with cars on Piotrkowska Street.

The jamboree attracts more people each year – over 200 small city cars from different parts of Poland (and Germany as well) arrived in 2017. The colorful  Fiats 126p filling the Market Square in Manufaktura or Piotrkowska Street are also a magnet for tourists and residents of Łódź who admire the cars while taking a "sentimental journey" to their youth and exchange their experiences with present owners of honest and cult Maluchs.

The event is organized by Paweł Kawinski with a little help from Łódź Automobile Club, Terytorium 126p and Łódzki Ruch Klasyków. Since 2018 the jamboree has been organized under auspice of Łódź Tourist Organization.