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The Heinzel Palace

The Heinzel Palace on Piotrkowska Street in Lodz is an outstanding example of 19th century residential architecture. The building was owned by Juliusz Heinzel, a Lodz industrialist. The residence was built in 1882, probably to the design of Hilary Majewski. The building was constructed under the supervision of Otto Gehlig, a builder and architect from Lodz, who later became Juliusz Heinzel's son-in-law. It consisted of three sections - the central part, which was the actual residence, and two symmetrical outbuildings on either side. They were originally separated by gates with rich rought-iron grilles.

At the end of the inter-war period, the gates were covered and the front of the house took on its present appearance. On the axis of the building, above the crowning cornice, there is a sculptural group - an allegory of industry and commerce. Today, the building is listed as a historical monument and is the seat of the Lodz City Council and the Provincial Government. It is worth going to the vicinity of the Heinzel Palace at midday to listen to the official bugle call of Lodz - Prząśniczka (The Spinner) - played live from one of the palace windows.