Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Unicorn stable and Unicorn statue

We all believe in unicorns. Yes, we do. In the centre of Lodz, at the intersection of Piotrkowska and Mickiewicza streets, a large, pastel-coloured, optimistic tram shelter catches the eye of passers-by. Because of its colourful canopy and unique visual qualities, the locals call it - applause for imagination - the Unicorn Stable. The name quickly caught on and has stuck to the building ever since. Nowadays, hardly anyone uses the official name of this place: Piotrkowska Centrum. Thanks to the popularity of the Unicorn Stable, the Unicorn Monument by Japanese artist Tomohiro Inaba was erected nearby in 2019. It depicts the unicorn in dynamic motion, giving the impression that it is dematerialising in front of our eyes. Right next to the monument is one of the most popular selfie spots in Lodz. It is definitely worth going to the city centre to see these two places for yourself. This area is also a great place to observe the everyday life of Lodz residents. Besides, what other city in the world has the right infrastructure to host these mythical creatures?