Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Rose Passage

The author of the project is Joanna Rajkowska. In the view of the previous works of the author, the Rose Passage is an exceptional and personal project which is linked to the illness of her daughter, Rose. The execution of the project was very labor-intensive as it consisted in gluing small pieces of mirrors on the walls of the tenement house at 3 Piotrkowska St.

All the walls of the backyard have been covered in the pieces of mirror. The huge amount of light that this brought to the dark backyard has made this place exceptionally sparkling. The light-reflecting mosaic gives life to the surroundings, whereas the pieces of mirror create images which are seemingly unadjusted to each other and deformed. However, it is just an illusion which is the result of broken mirrors symbolizing the sick retina of the eye. It is up to the passers-by to try and piece the reality back together. The Rose Passage is a project focused on putting the fragments of an image into one whole. This is symbolic of the reconstruction of Rose’s retina after chemotherapy. After her illness, the girl has partial vision and it is possible that her perception of reality consists in piecing together the fragments of the whole image.


The Rose Passage is open every day 8:00 - 22:00. It is free of charge.