Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Port Łódź

Port Łódź shopping center, together with its strategic tenant, the renowned store IKEA, is the largest and the most customer-friendly suburban shopping center in the region. Its great location is definitely its big advantage (245 Pabianicka St.). Port Łódź shopping center ensures its customers the easiest possible access to the best places – shops, restaurants, and boutiques. All this is very tempting not only due to an extensive offer but also fantastic prices.

You are in for a nice surprise thanks to the promotions Port Łódź has to offer. There is plenty to choose from! Port Łódź shopping center offers a wide plethora of renters that can fulfill the needs of all the visitors. You can find excellent quality clothing, trendy shoes, great suitcases, watches, jewelry, cosmetics, etc. Multiple events are also organized there and they are an opportunity to catch fantastic deals and look for new trends. You can always keep up with latest trends taking advantage of what Port Łódź has to offer. This is why it’s a great idea to visit Port Łódź shopping center for a shopping trip with family or friends.

An attractive feature of the mall is the fact that the clearly planned one-story building of Port Łódź shopping center is connected with the IKEA store so adored by masses of customers interested in original interior design. You can find a recreational space of 7 000 m2. It’s a great meeting and shopping place, especially because, thanks to IKEA, you can buy all the necessary items for your house or apartment. When visiting Port Łódź shopping center, you can feel like walking through a city square – meet your friends, have a coffee or tea, relax, or simply have a rest. Additional advantage of the facility is the possibility of running the most necessary errands.