Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna


Manufaktura is a tourist attraction for visitors, meeting place for the locals, and a paradise for gourmands and fans of renowned brands. Vibrant and full of positive energy, Manufaktura has quickly become a showcase of the city, as recognizable as Piotrkowska Street. Today it’s hard to imagine Lodz without Manufaktura, without the beach in the summer, the fair or skating rink in winter, concerts on the market or delicious evenings spent at local restaurants.

Manufaktura is: museums, cinema, theatre, a quarter thousand boutiques and shops, playgrounds for the youngest, several dozen restaurants and cafés. However, its central point is the over-3-hectare Lodz Textile Workers’ Marketplace which is a friendly public space. It’s here that cultural and recreational events which attract both the city dwellers and tourists are organized. It’s here that the longest fountain in Europe illuminates the darkness with colors and immerses the perfectly designed place of relaxation in its hum. 

Providing an almost infinite number of ways of spending free time, Manufaktura is known in the country and outside its borders thanks to numerous recognitions granted for the successful project of revitalization of historic post-factory buildings. Manufaktura is the beating heart of Lodz and a new city center where the place of culture and refined entertainment is combined with the world of commerce and recreation.

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