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Stare Kino Cinema Residence

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Stare Kino Cinema Residence came to life in the early autumn of 2013 offering 22 film suites dedicated to the best Polish films and TV series. Over time, it turned out that the number of hunters for original facilities, tasteful interiors, and cinema fans is constantly growing, which is why 20 new suites were added in 2014. In 2017, the facility grew again by adding 8 modern film rooms, Cinema Rooms, located in the annex of the opposite tenement house.

In the process of creation of the place, Stare Kino collaborated with outstanding architects, excellent interior designers, and specialists in the latest technologies. Thanks to this, hotel was refined down to the smallest detail of its cinematic concept.

No two rooms are the same – each of them is unique, comfortable, and magical. The best films and TV series which were the inspiration for the decoration of the suites were selected for us by Association Regio – specialists in the cinematic history of the city. Therefore, “Promised Land”, “Vabank”, and many other rooms are a sort of tribute to the cinematic heritage of our city, as all those films were entirely or partially shot in Lodz. The suites that joined our cinematic family in 2014 hide the secrets of the famous Hollywood productions, such as “The Godfather”, “Gone with the Wind”, “Pink Panther”, or “Casablanca”.