Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Krzywa Kamienica

Próchnika 53, 90-712 Łódź  +48 886 555 902  E-mail  Website  Booking

28 Przy ulicy  0,8 km  Х  Х

Krzywa Kamienica (pol. The Curved House or The Curved Tenement House) is one of the most original houses of Łódź from the turn of 20th century.

Situated on the corner of Próchnika and 1 Maja Street, in the center of Łódź, the house was the only one built with its inside corner facing the curve of the street (and not the other way around). Its arched facade has given it the nickname krzywa (curved). The building was fully renovated in 2019 and the beauty of its architectural scheme has been preserved.

Krzywa Kamienica has 28 standalone suites.

Fully equipped, elegant apartments along with the high quality room service are able to provide what's best for all the Guests, making them feel nearly at home.

Each suite has comfy beds, fresh cloths and fully equipped kitchen. Some of them also have a balcony.

Free Wi-Fi is available on the premises.