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Restaurant Anatewka

Restaurant Anatewka is a place where visitors have a chance to experience the uniqueness and magic of Jewish cuisine. The restaurant serves dishes pre-war Jewish community of Lodz used to eat, such as stuffed goose neck, Jewish caviar, veal brains and modern Israeli dishes. On the first floor there is a reception hall that can seat 100 people and a fireplace room. Additionally, the restaurant offers two VIP rooms for 20 and 10 people, respectively.   

Restaurant ANATEWKA

2/4 6 Sierpnia St.
90-422 Lodz
tel./fax (+48 42) 630-36-35


58 Drewnowska St.
91-002 Lodz
Manufaktura Shopping Center, 66 Market
tel. (+48 42) 633-22-77


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