Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna

Farina Bianco

#FARINA #BIANCO are two distinct motives for FARINA BIANCO Restaurant: #FARINA means we serve a flour rich menu. Creating food to feed the soul! #BIANCO means we have a bright airy environment. An environment suitable for your casual dining and important business meetings, large (up to 40 person) affair or those special intimate dining experiences.

We are FARINA BIANCO! An open kitchen Restaurant that's boasts international cuisine and a fully stocked wine bar. Our worldwide flavor defines who we are. A spacious two story restaurant with a dedicated Chef serving worldwide cuisine, a fully stocked wine cellar that is suitable for both the connoisseuras well as the novice and staff available to tend to your needs.

Relax and enjoy while Farina Bianco flirts with your taste buds and satiates your hunger!