Łódzka Organizacja Turystyczna


The restaurant based on the influence of jewish cuisine. Anyway, the place obliges - the restaurant is located in an outbuilding of a beautiful, Art Nouveau house that the other day belonged to a Jewish manufacturer, Oskar Kon. The restaurant's menu includes:

chala burger
Jewish-style herring tartare
mutton broth with roasted vegetables
dumplings with mutton
Beef cheeks with bulgur
grilled mutton
duck broth with noodles
vegetable or beef shakshouka
Paschal cheesecake made of bryndza
apple kugel

The restaurant has two spacious rooms, thanks to this it can be available to guests for various special events. Upstairs there is the main room with a bar, downstairs, in the brick cellar, there is a larger room with a fireplace. Here are held concerts and recitation meetings.

Imber Restaurant
43 Piotrkowska Street
90-410 Łódź

tel: (+48) 508 778 887

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